Materials ECR Forum 2015

Joint Tea Category Management project
Nadezhda Korotkova, Senior Trade Category Manager HPC, Tea & Foods, Unilever; 
Dariya Popenkova, Category Manager, Selgros.
Joint project in confectionary category on the main shelf
Dariya Baulina, Category Manager, Mars; Svetlana
Germanova, Deputy Head of Operational Marketing Department, Victoria, Dixy.
Catman RollOut 
Alexander Myskin, Category Development Manager NKA, Diageo; 
Julia Sokolova, Category Director, O’Key.
Full cycle implementation of electronic accounting records
Artem Zakharov, IT Project Group Manager, Auchan;
Victoria Doroshkova, IT Project Manager, Auchan;
Ekaterina Rogovskaya, Business Excellence Manager, Nestlė Russia.
The full range of electronic documents for goods and services supply
Anna Klimova, Local Compliance Organization Leader, P&G; 
Alexander Smirnov, Head of project department, SKB Kontur.
E-invoices and other account documents in electronic form
Anastasia Avilkina, Master Data Development Manager, Metro Cash&Carry Russia; 
Alexander Varblane, Business and sustain support analyst, Colgate-Palmolive; 
Olga Asharina, Customer Development team finance manager, Colgate-Palmolive.
Joint Implant Project
Ermilov Alexander, Head of client collaboration, «Pyaterochka», X5 Retail Group; 
Ezdakova Olga, Retail Collaboration Manager, Сoca-Cola HBC Eurasia.
Suppliers in the heart of retailers ecosystem via collaborative web portal
Mikhail Shershakov, Project director, Leroy Merlin Russia; 
Tamara ZHDANOVA, Business Development Director Russia & CIS, International Department, Generix Group.
Proactive cross-docking
Igor Bugakov, Client collaboration manager, Coca-Cola
HBC Eurasia; Maxim Zakharov, Logistics Manager, Auchan.
Portal for clients «Everywhere together»
Valentina Zolotareva, Head of client collaboration, X5 Retail Group; 
Ivan Kanaev, Customer Service Management & Development Group Leader, Baltika;
Oleg Shtefan, NKA Supply Chain Development Manager, PepsiCo, Wimm-Bill-Dann; Victoria
Ivanova, Customer Service Senior Manager, Wimm-Bill-Dann, PepsiCo.
New concept of store layout to unleash the potential of Petcare shopper and increase overall retailer’s sales. Joint project with Dixy
Maria Petrova, Head of grocery channel marketing, Mars Petcare; 
Tatiana Samuylenkova, Category development manager, Mars Petcare.
Approach to Joint Business Planning
Anastasia Merezhko, Trade Marketing Director, Efes Rus; 
Vladimir Lisitsin, Category manager Beer and LRB categories, Perekrestok, X5 Retail Group;
Julia Romanova, Head of Beer and LRB categories, Perekrestok, X5 Retail Group.
Roll-out Category Management Project. Joint project with Magnit
Galina Galinskaya, Head of Category management NKA, Danone; 
Victoria Emelyanenko, National Category Manager, Danone.
RECADV: the new birth
Sergey Kozlov, EDI Project Manager, Lenta;
Ivan Kanaev, NKA Customer Service Manager, Baltika.
PRICAT Promo – Roll-out of price-lists and promotions adgustment via EDI
Iliya Chernov, Lead Project Manager, IT department, X5 Retail Group; 
Artem Danilenko, EE Digital Document Flow Program Leader, P&G.
A new approach to the goods receipt in stores of X5 Retail Group with EDI technology.Reliability and efficiency
Vyacheslav Polikarpov, IT Business Partner, X5 Retail Group.
Opportunities of EDI for optimization of processes of the company
Olga Wislawnych, Head of Consulting for EDI solutions for Russian and Ukrainian Markets, Comarch;
Igor Zelenko, Commercial Director, Korus Сonsulting SNG.
Sell more lose less: A new perspective on reducing shrink and cost without compromising growth
Stefan Winter, Partner, Oliver Wyman.
Growing together
Pieter Boone, ECR Russia Board of Directors Co-Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, Metro Cash&Carry Russia;
Silviu Popovici, ECR Russia Board of Directors Co-Chairman, President, PepsiCo Russia
Growing joint business
Maurizio Patarnello, CEO Nestlе Russia & Eurasia, Nestlė
Joern Arnhold, Supply Chain Director, Lenta
Collaboration for profitable growth
Ilya Yakubson, President, Dixy Group
Valery Schapov, President of Mars LLC
Who killed retail? Four lies, three misunderstandings and two truths about the future of retail
Mark Taylor, Business Development VP at Mania Business Simulations
Mania Business Simulations. VIDEO
See your shoppers like never before
Przybysz Maciej, Shopper Research Director, Nielsen Europe
Collaborative education as a base for JBP and implementation
Aleksandr Zdrilko, National Key Account Manager, JTI
Sergey Serkov, Category Director, X5 Retail Group


Master data catalogue RUSCAT. Synchronised data - efficient supply chain
Valerian Dunin-Barkovsky, Head of master data department, PepsiCo
Oleg Vinichenko, Chief IT Business Analyst, Dixy
The efficient model of master data management
Daria Moksina, Supplliers communication coordinator, Metro Cash & Carry
Collaborative platform for OSA improvement
Valentina Zolotareva, Head of client collaboraton, «Perecrestok», «Karousel», X5 Retail Group
Victor Zhilyaev, KA relatons & Project manager, L’Oreal
Category Management of fresh products
Elena Fedotova, Senior category manager, PepsiCo Russia;
Irina Belyaeva, Senior category manager, PepsiCo Russia; 
Lolita Belyavskaya, Federal Buyer «Dairy products», Perekrestok, X5 Retail Group.
Cobranding project
Roman Krylov, Head of non-fuel Business, Gazprom Neft; 
Andrey Winter, Modern Trade Director, Red Bull Russia.
Shopper segmentation: innovative approach in Russia.
Inna Yurgens, Consultant Consumer Panel Services, GfK.
EGAIS is coming. The experience and new challenges
Dmitry Rusakov, Head of alcohol documents project, X5 Retail Group;
Vitaly Bilevich, Director of information system development, Dixy;  
OSA growth
Stanislav Gerasimov, On Shelf Availability (OSA) Unit Manager, P&G; 
Valentina Zolotareva, Head of client collaboration, Perekrestork, X5 Retail Group.
Inventory and sales reports analysis for OSA improvement
Ivan Kanaev, NKA Customer Service Manager, Baltika; 
Vladimir Chernega, Analytic and development department head, Dixy Group.
Delivering Growth Through Collaboration
Lyudmila Morozova Customer Service Director Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Unilever; 
Paul Stafford, International Account Director, IRI
Hidden threats and new opportunities of omni-channel retail
Vardan Gasparyan, SCM & Logistics Director, Deloitte
Omni-marketing in Azbuka vkusa
Egor Lanko, E-Commerce and Digital marketing Director, Azbuka vkusa
Omni-channel strategy in Eldorado
Olga Surda, Head of site management and development department, Eldorado
What does the consumer want: on demand services aimed at satisfying everyday needs
Vitaly Krylov, CEO, Gett Russia
L’Oreal online expertise
Boris Mamedov, Group KAM CPD. National luxe chains & E-commerce, L’Oreal
Online game changer. To break the rules benefiting Manufactures and Retailers
Vadim Tsemekhman, CEO, OpenDSP
It was a fantasy… To measure and manage the billion people opinion by one click
Best practices from Silicon Valley
Elena Knysh, business development director, Solid Opinion