Download the program the 12th Annual ECR Forum

DAY 1, 14.09.2016

09:30-11:00 09:30-11:00
Being shopper-centric Fresh vs. Waste

What’s happening with demand, with shoppers and how to attract them to your shelf?

Are there reasons for optimism?
New opportunities and points of growth in FMCG
Sergey Yashko, Deputy General Director, GfK Rus

Collaborating to get to the hearts of shoppers
Andrey Sorokin, Marketing Director, Lenta
Kseniya Aleksandrova, Modern Trade Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia

Grand Prix: Williams - Rexona - Magnit
Darya Kameko, Brand Manager, Unilever
Dmitry Ulyanov, Key Account Manager, Unilever

On-line consumer behaviour as approach to targeting shoppers
Ilya Gubarev, R&D Projects’ Manage, Яndex,
Yana Salimova, Data Science Head in North-East Europe, Nielsen,
Kirill Bordashov, Senior Brand Building Manager AXE, Unilever.

Facilitator: Pavel Akimov, independent expert in Shopper Marketing

Which side do manufactures and retailers choose every day while finding balance between the level of service, long shelf life and the level of write-offs? Leaders of supply chain will share their experience of managing stocks and loss reduction. They will as well share best practices of improving the level of service and work with fresh.

Invited to participate:
Anna Okhlopkova, Manager, Syndicated Studies Lead, Sales Effectiveness Department, Nielsen - Trends in purchases of fresh in a crisis
Natalya Davidovskaya, Senior Supply Chain Director, PepsiCo Russia - Service level, Loses, Fresh
Sandra Patino, Planning Director, Danone,
Sergey Egorov, Deputy General Manager for Procurement, Utkonos - The way to the consumer heart thru
Ilya Chernov, Senior Project Manager, Х5 Retail Group - Control of the shelf life using bar codes
Natalia Ivashenko, KAM, Elinar
Dmitriy Petrov, Retail Innovation Coordanator, Azbuka vkusa - The world we are in love with

11:30-13:00 11:30-13:00
Growing Category. Together. Batch management for alcohol

Best practices of joint development.

Strategic approach to diary category management
Tatiana Ogorodova, Fresh Food Head, Metro Cash&Carry
Grigory Shatilov, Category Manager, Metro Cash&Carry
Maxim Kanunnikov, Team Leader Hypermarkets, Danone
Julia Pletneva, National Catman, Danone

Activating PET food growth in Okey
Margarita Basharina, Promo and Marketing Manager, Okey
Anna Ametova, Category Development Manager, Mars

Catman based on account differentiation
Ekaterina Gavrilova, Head of Grocery Purchase, Dixy,
Elena Fedotova, Senior Category Manager, PepsiCo Russia
Alexander Isayev, Executive Director, Mania Business Simulations

Surprise Activity for all participants by Lubov Kelbakh, Mania Business Simulations

Facilitator: Ulyana Sitnikova, Senior Category Manager, PepsiCo Russia

Within months retailers and providers of alcohol got ready to report to EGAIS in wholesale segment. How did the business adjusted to the new realities?

EGAIS unites
Herman Epstein, IT Vice President, Baltika
Elena Moskalenko, Commercial Director, Lenta
Ivan Kanaev, Head of Customer Service Management & Development Department, Baltika
Dmitriy Kunyashev, Business Architect, Lenta

Vladimir Gaponenko, Director of CentreInform
Sergey Levozhinskiy, Purchase Director, Magnit
Vladimir Antonov, Head of Software Development and Telecommunications Department, Metro Cash&Carry
Anzhelika Konstantinova, Director of Alcohol Supply Department Roust Russia
Alexander Perminov, Logistic Manager, Bacardi
Dmitry Sapozhkov, Integration and Demand Planning Manager, Moet Hennessy

Alexey Orlov, Deputy General Director, Luding
Dmitriy Rusakov, Head of Special GR Project Department, Х5 Retail Group

14:30-16:00 14:30-16:00
Data and technology in the fight for shopper Food traceability

Up-to-date technologies and advanced analisys - to increase turnover and customer satisfaction. In the ocean of data and gadgets, there are its own cliffs, currents and shelves. We’ll learn how to navigate there to clear waters of profitable business decisions and mutual advantage.

Using targeted instruments to grow sales
Nikita Zamaleev, Category Manager, Lenta
Alexey Paschenko, Category Manager, PepsiCo Russia

How Technology is changing the way we shop
Marek Kempka, Shopper Technology Director, Nielsen Europe

Growing sales via smart customer data analysis.
Florian Baur, member of the Emnos Global Board and Vice President Business Development, Emnos
Herman Tinga, Commercial Director (ССО), Lenta

Facilitator: Alexander Isaev, Executive Director, Mania Business Simulations

The system of traceability of veterinary products: transparency for the benefit of consumers or a huge burden on producers? Which companies are already working with system “Mercury”?

Plenary Session:
Alexey Khersontsev, Head of Federal Agency for Accreditation - Data interchange of compliance certificates
Alexander Osminin, Head of IT Department, All-Russian Research Institute for Animal Health

Ivan Tukmachev, Head of National Projects Department, Auchan
Andrey Busygin, Business Excellence and Integration Stream Leader, Nestle Russia - Food traceability
Yuri Kumpan, IT Director, Agama - Ways of integration with Mercury information system
Egor Smirnov, Lead Business Analyst, Miratorg

Facilitator: Svetlana Chebarova, Quality Control Director, X5 Retail Group

ECR plenary session

Six directors of leading FMCG and retail companies will share their experience on how to interact and collaborate with partners and how to push business growth.

Discussion topics:
  • The impact of the new trade law on the consumer market and retail trade.
  • Evolution of trade relasionship.
  • Growth without crazy discounts. Is it possible?

Plenary session participants:
Silviu Popovici, ECR Russia Board of Directors Co-Chairman, President, PepsiCo Russia
Maurizio Patarnello, CEO, Nestlé Russia & Eurasia
JV Raman, President RUB, Unilever
Alexey Grigoriev, Vice President Corporate Public Policy, Metro Cash& Carry
Herman Tinga, Chief Commercial Officer, Lenta
Andrey Patzyk, Executive director, Bahetle

Dmitry Sevalkin, Director, Advantage Russia & Ukraine - The evolution of retailers' and suppliers’ collaboration. Trends & Questions
Denis Vasiliev, Retail expert

Facilitator: Maximilian Musselius, Executive Director, ECR Russia

DAY 2, 15.09.2016

The main challenges of 2016-2018. Regulation, collaboration, innovations

Out of multitude of challenges which will be defining the industry outlook and upcoming changes, we have selected the most interesting ones and invited the experts to share their opinion. Our industry is a subject of rigorous state regulation – the new Trade Law, Law #54, traceability systems of alcohol and veterinary products, etc. – are we entering a new era of better relationships and transparency or the era of total control? New consumption and distribution models. What do consumers want? Technological innovations and big data. Face recognition – will it become the key to the customer?

Dmitry Leonov, Deputy Chairman of the board, Rusprodsoyuz
Alexander Apokin, Head of Global Economy Researches, Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecast> - Technologies and safety: future opportunities, Mid-term and long-term perspectives of Russian economy
Dmitriy Rusakov, Head of Special GR Project Department, Х5 Retail Group
Alexander Kabakov, Co-founder, NTechLab (FindFace) - Face recognition for retail
Olga Zinovieva, Co-founder and CEO, Elementaree
Konstantin Gontmakher, Marketing Director, Orange Data - Data-services development based on the Federal law #54

Perfect shelf

What is the “Perfect shelf”? High sales and satisfied customer. How to achieve this goal? The optimum assortment, which is always available with a comfortable laying out at the maximum turnover. The session participants will present the unique project launched in five categories in “Perekrestok”. Category management and OSA. The latest technology and big data in order to achieve the ideal shelf.

Yury Leonov, Commercial Director, X5 Retail Group, (Perekrestok)
Sergey Perchenok, Director of the Modern Retail Channel Sales, Efes
Pavel Isaev, Operating Director, L’Oreal
Alexander Zdrilko, National Key Account Manager, JTI
Igor Terekhov, NKA Customer Integration Team Manager, Danone

Maximilian Musselius, Executive Director, ECR Russia
Aleksey Salnikov, OSA project leader, ECR Russia

13:30-15:00 13:30-15:00 13:30-15:00
Catman unlimited Supply Chain Best Practices EDI & eInvoices

Catman at its best. This session will showcast different solutions: Russian and foreign, focused and x-category, classical and experimental.

European example of category development project
Paola Romagnoli, Head of CatMan, Coca-Cola HBC Europe

Growth opportunities in chocolate
Ekaterina Vishnyakova, Category Expertise Leader, Mars
Lilia Petrova, Commercial Development Director, Globus Systems

Collaboration throguh X-category placement: Knorr in Magnit
Olga Gordienko, Head of Non-standard Actions’ Group of Marketing Department Tander
Elena Kolesnikova, Senior Key Account Manager, Unilever

Joint category development Efes + Magnit
Yegor Tipunov, Strategic Planning Manager, EFES

Facilitator: Lyudmila Krokhina, Shopper Group Lead, ECR Russia

How to achieve balance between manufacturers and retailers in the field of collaborative planning and forecasting? Key factors and projects in the supply chain.

OSA platform + bot: reduction of lost sales
Sergey Tsigichka, CI development manager, Danone
Sergey Rusyaev, Head of the delivery   optimisation, X5 RG (“Pyaterochka”)

Joint forecasting
Marina Chernysheva National KA Manager, PepsiCo Russia
Sergey Mitish, project manager, improving the efficiency of shopping centers, Metro Cash&Carry

Click Service: результаты совместной работы и планы развития 
Alexander Sushko, Alexander Sushko, Customer Care and Collaboration Manager, Unilever
Valentina Zolotareva, Head of client collaboration, X5 Retail Group (“Perekrestok”)

Session moderator: Vardan Gasparyan, Director Retail & Consumer Goods, Deloitte

Electronic document flow: process acceleration, cost saving and mistakes reduction in data interchange.

Cash documents in electronic form
Elena Stepina, Head of methodology and business process department, Burger King

How to implement electronic invoices without changing international accounting system
Artur Dzliev, Head of Invoice Control Department, Selgros
Dmitry Galkin, Head of retail stream, Agrokomplectatsia 

EDI delivery schedule
Anna Rudometova, Implant Analyst, Coca-Cola HBC Russia
Sergey Rusyaev, Head of optimization, X5 Retail Group (Pyaterochka)